Reports on I-64
Map of Reports on I-64 Between Exit 28: KY 1848; Veechdale Road and KY 2861; Zaring Mill Road. Major road construction work is in progress. A lane is closed. There is a width limit in effect. Expect delays. Speed restrictions are in force. Fines are double in the work zone. Speed limit 55 MPH. Width limit 12'0". From 10:00PM EDT to 5:00AM EDT on Saturdays and from 7:00PM EDT to 5:00AM EDT on weekdays and Sundays. For the next three weeks. Between Mile Point 60 in Woodford County and Mile Point 62 in Woodford County. The rest area is closed. Between Mile Point 112 in Montgomery County and Mile Point 118 in Bath County. The right lane is blocked. Look out for construction work. Until July 31.
I-64 eastbound: Exit ramp closed, because of construction work.
I-64 westbound: Construction work, lane closed, right shoulder closed.
I-64 in both directions: Major road construction, lane closed, width limit in effect, delays, speed restrictions in force, fines are double in the work zone.
I-64 in both directions: Rest area closed.
I-64 in both directions: Right lane blocked, construction work.
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