Reports on I-65
Map of Reports on I-65 Between Milepoint 58 and Milepoint 82. Look out for long term road construction work. Expect changing traffic patterns. Permitted oversize loads are prohibited. For a long period. Between KY 61 and Exit 135B. The right lane is closed. Look out for construction work. For three days. Between Exit 135B and Exit 137: I-64. The roadway is reduced to two lanes. Look out for construction work. For the next five months.
I-65 northbound: Rest area closed, due to emergency maintenance activities.
I-65 in both directions: Long term road construction, changing traffic patterns, permitted oversize loads are prohibited.
I-65 southbound: Car stopped on roadway.
I-65 southbound: Minor accident.
I-65 southbound: Heavy traffic jam.
I-65 southbound: Right lane closed, construction work.
I-65 northbound: Roadway reduced to two lanes, construction work.
E Liberty St: Road construction.
S Floyd St: Road closure.
I-65 northbound: Road closure.
E Market St: Road closure.
I-65: Road construction, roadway reduced to two lanes, changing traffic patterns.
To I-65 N / Indianapolis: Road closure.
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