Road Reports
I-71 Whole Road 2 reports
Louisville to Carrollton 2 reports
Carrollton to Ohio State Line No reports
Reports on I-71
Map of Reports on I-71 Between Mile Point 20 in Oldham County and Mile Point 22 in Oldham County. Bridge construction work is in progress. Expect changing traffic patterns. A lane is blocked. Speed restrictions are in force. Fines are double in the work zone. Expect delays. Speed limit 60 MPH. Until September 30, 2015. Between Mile Point 28 in Henry County and Henry, Trimble County Line. The road is being repaved. A lane is blocked. Expect long delays. Speed limit 55 MPH. Width limit 13'0". Until October 31.
I-71 southbound: Bridge construction, changing traffic patterns, lane blocked, speed restrictions in force, fines are double in the work zone, delays.
I-71 southbound: Paving operations, lane blocked, long delays.
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