Reports on I-71
Map of Reports on I-71 Between Mile Point 20 in Oldham County and Mile Point 22 in Oldham County. Bridge construction work is in progress. Expect changing traffic patterns. A lane is blocked. Expect delays. Speed limit 60 MPH. Until September 30. Between Exit 22: KY 53 and Exit 77: I 75. People are working in the median. A lane is closed intermittently. From 8:00PM EDT to 5:00AM EDT on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Until August 4. Between Mile Point 44 in Carroll County and Exit 44: KY 227. Bridge maintenance work is in progress. A lane is blocked. Expect delays. From 7:00PM EDT to 7:00AM EDT daily. Until July 31.
I-71 in both directions: Bridge construction, changing traffic patterns, lane blocked, delays.
I-71 in both directions: Work in the median, intermittent lane closure.
I-71 southbound: Lane blocked, bridge maintenance operations.
I-71 in both directions: Bridge maintenance operations, lane blocked, delays.
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