Road Reports
US 68 Whole Road 2 reports
Paducah to Bowling Green 1 report
Bowling Green to Lexington 1 report
Lexington to Maysville No reports
Reports on US 68
Map of Reports on US 68 Between KY 103 and Mile Point 26 in Logan County. Road construction work is in progress. A lane is blocked. There is a width limit in effect. Speed restrictions are in force. Speed limit 55 MPH. Width limit 12'0". Until May 31. Between Mile Point 10 in Mercer County and Mercer, Jessamine County Line. There are alternating lane closures. Look out for brush control operations. Look out for flaggers. From 8:00AM EDT to 5:00PM EDT on weekdays.
US 68 in both directions: Road construction, lane blocked, width limit in effect, speed restrictions in force.
US 68 in both directions: Alternating lane closures, brush control, look out for flaggers.
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