Road Reports
I-75 Whole Road 3 reports
Tennessee State Line to London No reports
London to Lexington 1 report
Lexington to Covington 2 reports
Reports on I-75
Map of Reports on I-75 Between Mile Point 100 in Fayette County and Mile Point 98 in Fayette County. Look out for construction work. Look out for brush control operations. A lane is closed intermittently. From 7:30AM EST to 6:00PM EST on weekdays. Until March 31. Between Mile Point 152 in Grant County and Grant, Kenton County Line. Look out for long term road construction work. Drive carefully. Until May 29. Between Mile Point 188 in Kenton County and Mile Point 186 in Kenton County. All lanes are blocked. Look out for flooding.
I-75 southbound: Construction work, brush control, intermittent lane closure.
I-75 in both directions: Long term road construction, drive carefully.
I-75 southbound: All lanes blocked, flooding.
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