Road Reports
I-75 Whole Road 3 reports
Tennessee State Line to London No reports
London to Lexington 1 report
Lexington to Covington 2 reports
Reports on I-75
Map of Reports on I-75 Between Mile Point 98 in Fayette County and Mile Point 100 in Fayette County. Look out for construction work. Look out for brush control operations. A lane is closed intermittently. From 7:30AM EST to 6:00PM EST on weekdays. Until March 31. Between Mile Point 152 in Grant County and Grant, Kenton County Line. Look out for construction work. A lane is closed intermittently. Width limit 12'0". Until May 29.
I-75 southbound: Construction work, brush control, intermittent lane closure.
I-75 in both directions: Construction work, intermittent lane closure.
I-75 northbound: Entrance ramp closed, exit ramp closed, paving operations.
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