Road Reports
KY 9 Whole Road 4 reports
Cincinnati to Maysville No reports
Maysville to I 64 at Grayson 4 reports
Reports on KY 9
Map of Reports on KY 9 Between Holts Creek Road and Bracken, Pendleton County Line. The road is being repaved. A lane is blocked. Expect single line traffic alternating directions. Look out for flaggers. Until August 4. Between KY 154 and KY 2828; East Ivor Road. The road is blocked. Repairs are in progress. Use a detour where possible. Until Monday, at about 7:00AM EDT. Between Campbell, Pendleton County Line and KY 1997. The road is being repaved. A lane is blocked. Expect delays. From 7:00AM EDT to 7:00PM EDT on weekdays. Until August 4.
KY 9 southbound: Paving operations, lane blocked, single line traffic - alternating directions, look out for flaggers.
KY 9 in both directions: Road blocked, repairs are in progress, use a detour where possible.
KY 9 northbound: Paving operations, lane blocked, delays.
KY 9 in both directions: Road construction, lane blocked, speed restrictions in force, delays.
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