Reports on US 421
Map of Reports on US 421 Between Rockcastle, Madison County Line and Jackson Lane. The road is closed intermittently. Repairs are in progress because of a landslide. Allow emergency vehicles to pass. And. For school buses. From 8:00AM EDT to 3:00PM EDT on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Until Friday, at about 3:00PM EDT. Between Vo Tech Drive and KY 1978; Greendale Road; Va Hospital Entrance. Road construction work is in progress. The left lane is blocked. Expect delays. Observe the signs. Clearing this week.
US 421 northbound: Road closed intermittently, repairs are in progress, because of a landslide, allow emergency vehicles to pass, and, for school buses.
US 421 in both directions: Road construction, left lane blocked, delays, observe signs.
US 421 in both directions: Bridge closed, detour in operation.
US 421: Bridge construction, delays, gross weight limit in effect.
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