Reports on I-65
Map of Reports on I-65 Between Exit 28: KY 446 and Milepoint 32. The left lane is closed due to road construction work. Expect delays. Clearing this month. Between Milepoint 64 and Milepoint 82. Look out for long term road construction work. Expect changing traffic patterns. There is a width limit in effect. Permitted oversize loads are prohibited. Traffic is slow. Expect delays. Speed limit 55 MPH. Until November 1, 2017. Between Milepoint 82 and US 31W. Look out for long term road construction work. Until November 30, 2018. Between KY/IN Stateline; Milepoint 138 and Exit 137: I-64. The bridge is closed because the road is being repaved and because of road maintenance activities. Follow the detour signs. Expect delays. Until October 31.
I-65 northbound: Car stopped on roadway.
I-65 in both directions: Left lane closed, due to road construction work, delays.
I-65 southbound: Rest area closed.
I-65 in both directions: Long term road construction, changing traffic patterns, width limit in effect, permitted oversize loads are prohibited, slow traffic, delays.
I-65 in both directions: Long term road construction.
I-65 southbound: Road construction.
I-65 in both directions: Intermittent lane closure, because of bridge maintenance work, delays.
S Hancock St: Road closure.
N Hancock St: Road closure.
I-65 southbound: Bridge closed, because the road is being repaved, because of road maintenance activities, follow the detour signs, delays.
I-65 southbound: Road construction.
I-65: Bridge construction, changing traffic patterns, follow the detour signs.
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