Reports on I-65: Elizabethtown to Louisville
I-65: Elizabethtown to Louisville
At Exit 105: KY 61; KY 61. The exit ramp is closed. The road is being repaved. A detour is in operation. From 7:00PM EDT to 6:00PM EDT on weekends. Until Monday, at about 5:00AM EDT.
Between Mile Point 118 in Bullitt County and Mile Point 120 in Bullitt County. Road maintenance work is in progress. A lane is blocked. From 8:00PM EDT to 4:00AM EDT on weekdays. For the next two months.
At Exit 137: I-64; I 64. The exit ramp is closed because of major road construction work. Until June 15.
Between John F Kennedy Bridge and Indiana State Line. Road construction work is in progress. The roadway is reduced to two lanes. Expect changing traffic patterns. Until October 1, 2016.