Reports on I-65: Elizabethtown to Louisville
I-65: Elizabethtown to Louisville
At Exit 105: KY 61; KY 61. The exit ramp is closed. The road is being repaved. A detour is in operation. From 7:00PM EDT to 6:00PM EDT on weekends. Until Monday, at about 5:00AM EDT.
Between Mile Point 110 in Bullitt County and Mile Point 108 in Bullitt County. Look out for an accident. The road is closed. For the next half hour.
Between Mile Point 118 in Bullitt County and Mile Point 120 in Bullitt County. Road maintenance work is in progress. A lane is blocked. From 8:00PM EDT to 4:00AM EDT on weekdays. For the next two months.
At Exit 137: I-64; I 64. The exit ramp is closed because of major road construction work. Until June 15.
Between John F Kennedy Bridge and Indiana State Line. Road construction work is in progress. The roadway is reduced to two lanes. Expect changing traffic patterns. Until October 1, 2016.