Reports on I-75
Between Mile Point 30 in Laurel County and Mile Point 34 in Laurel County. The left lane is blocked due to brush control operations. From 7:00AM EDT to 7:00PM EDT on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Until Thursday, at about 7:00PM EDT.
Between Mile Point 58 in Rockcastle County and Mile Point 68 in Rockcastle County. Road maintenance work is in progress. A lane is closed. Expect delays of uncertain duration. Until November 30.
At Exit 87: KY 876. The ramp is partially blocked because of road maintenance activities. Expect delays. Until Friday, at about 11:59PM EDT.
At Exit 97: US 25. Ramp partially blocked. Road maintenance operations. Delays. Starting 8:00AM EDT, 10/20/2014 until October 24.
At I-71; Ohio State Line. Bridge maintenance work is in progress. There are alternating lane closures. Until November 15.