Reports on I-264
--- Citizen Update ---
A Waze user reported a road closure.
--- Citizen Update ---
Multiple Waze users reported a road closure.
Between Exit 12-Nov: I-65; KY 61 and Milepoint 14. A lane is blocked because of bridge maintenance work. Expect delays. From 9:00PM EDT to 8:45PM EDT on weekends and Fridays and from 9:00PM EDT to 6:00AM EDT on weekdays. Clearing this week.
Between Exit 15 and Exit 15A-B. Road construction work is in progress. Until July 4.
Between Exit 17A-B: KY 155 and Milepoint 16. Look out for an accident. Until today at about 6:22PM EDT.
--- Citizen Update ---
Between Exit 23A-B: I-71 and US 42. A Waze user reported a moderate traffic jam.