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I-65 in both directions: Long term road construction.
Between Exit 102: KY 313; Joe Prather Highway and Mile Point 112 in Bullitt County. Look out for long term road construction work. Expect delays. Look out for a slow moving maintenance vehicle. Expect changing traffic patterns. There is a width limit in effect. Speed limit 55 MPH. Width limit 16'0". Until today at about 11:59PM EST.

Comment: One lane will be closed in each direction from 9:00 p.m. on Fridays until 5:00 a.m. on Mondays. In addition, lane closures and delays are possible on southbound I-65 between mile points 112 and 106 due to installation of barrier wall. Starting Friday June 6, two lanes of traffic will be maintained in each direction. A temporary median cross-over will be used to shift one lane of traffic to the southbound lanes while crews replace the pavement in the northbound lanes. Northbound traffic will be separated from southbound traffic by a concrete median barrier wall. Northbound I-65 motorists exiting at KY 245 (Exit 112) must stay in the right lane during.
Last updated on November 13
I-65 in both directions: Long term road construction.
Map of I-65 in both directions: Long term road construction.
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Expired: (I-65 in both directions: Long term road construction, delays, slow moving maintenance vehicle, changing traffic patterns, width limit in effect.)
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