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Critical Reports on I-71
Map of Reports on I-71 Between Exit 5: I-264 and Exit 9A-B: I-265. Multiple Waze users reported standstill traffic. Between Milepoint 10 and US 42. Multiple Waze users reported a heavy traffic jam. Between Exit 18: KY 393 and Exit 22: KY 53. Bridge maintenance work is in progress. A lane is closed intermittently. Expect delays. Speed limit 60 MPH. From 7:00PM EDT to 6:00AM EDT on weekdays. Until September 30. Between Trimble, Carroll County Line and Milepoint 50. Look out for mobile maintenance operations. Road maintenance work is in progress. Look out for a slow moving maintenance vehicle. Police are directing traffic. Speed limit 55 MPH. From 8:00PM EDT to 5:00AM EDT on Tuesday and Wednesday. Until Monday, at about 11:59PM EDT. Between Milepoint 56 and Milepoint 60. A lane is closed intermittently because the road is being repaved. Speed restrictions are in force. From 8:00PM EDT to 10:00AM EDT daily. Until September 9. Between Milepoint 68 and Milepoint 76. A lane is closed intermittently. People are working in the median. Expect delays. Speed limit 55 MPH. From 8:00PM EDT to 5:00AM EDT on weekdays. Until Monday, at about 5:00AM EDT.
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