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Map of Statewide Between Exit 65: US 31W and Milepoint 68. Multiple Waze users reported a heavy traffic jam. Between Exit 137: I-64 and Milepoint 138. The bridge is closed. Repairs are in progress. A detour is in operation. For the next five months. Between I-71 and KY 146. Road construction work is in progress. Expect delays. Speed limit 45 MPH. From 6:00PM EST to 6:00AM EST and from 9:00AM EST to 3:00PM EST daily. Until June 30, 2017. Between I-65; Cardin Ln and Mile Point 4 in Larue County. Bridge construction work is in progress. The roadway is reduced to one lane. There is a width limit in effect. Until May 31. Between Milepoint 82 and US 31W. Look out for long term road construction work. Until November 30, 2018. Between Milepoint 10 and US 42. Multiple Waze users reported standstill traffic. Between W Broadway and S 1st St. A lane is closed because of road maintenance activities. Expect delays. From 9:00AM EST to 3:00PM EST on weekdays. For the next week. Between Milepoint 26 and Milepoint 32. Major road construction work is in progress. Blasting is in progress. Expect delays of uncertain duration. Speed limit 45 MPH. For a long period. Between Liberty Aly and W 9th St. Road construction work is in progress. A lane is blocked. Expect delays. Until September 30. Between Interstate Plaza Rd and Harper Cemetery Rd. Bridge construction work is in progress. Construction traffic may be merging. Until April 30. Between Milepoint 64 and Milepoint 82. Look out for long term road construction work. Expect changing traffic patterns. There is a width limit in effect. Permitted oversize loads are prohibited. Speed limit 55 MPH. Until November 1, 2017. Between Exit 32 and Exit 35A: I-71. Road construction work is in progress. A lane is closed intermittently. Expect delays. Until November 30. Between the start of I-24 and Milepoint 2. Bridge maintenance work is in progress. The roadway is reduced to one lane. The road is closed intermittently. Expect delays. Until May 30. Between Exit 21: US 45B and Exit 52A-B: I-24. Road construction work is in progress. Road maintenance work is in progress. A lane is blocked. There is a width limit in effect. Expect delays. Width limit 15'0". Speed limit 55 MPH. Until March 31. Between US 641 and N 16th St. Look out for an accident. The road is blocked.
I-65: I-65 @ Spaghetti Junction
US 31W: US31W @ Nashville Rd and Campbell Ln
I-65: I-65 MP 32
US 119: US 119 @ Pine Mtn
I-65: I-65 MP 73.9
I-275: I-275 between Petersburg Exit & Indiana State Line
I-71: I-71 @ Zorn Ave
I-65: I-65 MP 50
I-65: I-65 @ Sellersburg, Ind.(Exit 9 - SR 311)
KY 841: KY 841 @ New Cut Road
I-64: Sherman Minton Br (Indiana side)
US 41A: US 41A Gate 5 Fort Campbell Entrance
I-64: I-64 @ Cannons Ln.
I-64: I-64 adj. Adams St.
I-64: I-64 @ 9th Street
I-24: I-24 MP 90
I-65: I-65 @ 234
I-64: I-64 @ 22nd St.
I-65: I-65 @ I-265
I-264: I-264 @ Cane Run Rd.
Owensboro: Downtown Core
I-24: I-24 @ US41
KY911: KY911 DMS Camera
I-65: I-65 MP 22
I-64: I-64 @ I-264
Downtown: Downtown Louisville @ Brook & Jefferson
I-65: I-65 @ Crittenden Dr.
I-275: I-275 South of Dixie Highway
I-64: I-64 @ 39th Street
I-64: I-64 @ Ind. 150
I-265: I-265 @ Old Henry Road
I-71: I-71/I-75 just North of the Richwood Exit
I-65: I-65 near M. Ali Exit
I-71: I-71 SB
I-75: I-75 SB @ Clays Ferry Bridge
I-64: I-64 @ Grinstead Dr.
I-24: I-24  MP 4 @ US 60
US 41A: US 41A @ Pennyrile Overpass
I-275: I-275 @ Petersburg Exit
Downtown: Downtown Louisville @ 2nd & Main
I-75: I-75 @ Athens Boonesboro Road
I-64: I-64 @ Oxmoor Farm Rd.
I-264: I-264 @ Westport Rd.
I-64: I-64 @ Clark Station
US23: US23 at 119
I-75: I75 SB @ MP 127
I-265: I-265 @ Preston Hwy
I-71: I-71/I-75 @ Cut-in-the-Hill
I-265: I-265 @ Smyrna Road
I-75: I-75 @ Bryan Station RD
I-65: I-65 @ St. Catherine
I-264: I-264 @ I-71
I-71: I-71/I-75 @ Buttermilk Pike
I-71: I-71 @ I-264
I-471: I-471 South of US 27
I-65: I-65 MP 92.6
I-264: I-264 @ Bardstown
I-64: I-64 @ I-264
I-71: I-71/I-75 @ Kyles Lane
I-275: I-275 @ KY 237
I-65: I-65 @ Grade Lane
US 31: US 31W MP 7
I-264: I-264 @ Freedom Way
I-264: I-264 @ Bank St.
I-75: I75 NB @ MP 127
I-65: I-65 just South of I-265 Exit 6 Indiana
I-75: I75 NB @ MP 90
I-64: I-64 @ Blankenbaker Ln.
I-75: I-75 @ Paris Pike
KY 231: KY 231 @ Natcher Pkwy
I-75: I-75 @ Newtown Pike
I-65: I-65 over Market St. Exit 0 Indiana
I-64: I-64 @ KY801
I-75: I-75 @ Russel Cave
I-264: I-264 @ Crums Ln.
I-275: I-275 West of Graves Rd.
I-275: I-275 East of KY 20/Airport Exit
I-64: I-64 @ Mellwood Ave.
I-24: I-24  MP 3 @ KY 305
I-64: I-64 @ New Albany, Ind.
I-75: I-75 @ Iron Works Pike
I-24: I-24 MP 9
I-65: I-65 adj. Arthur Street
I-65: I-65 @ Veterans Pkwy. Exit 5 Indiana
Downtown: Downtown Louisville @ 2nd & Market
US 60: US60 @ US460
I-71: I-71/I-75 just North of Buttermilk Pike
I-275: I-275 on US 27 Bridge
I-65: I-65 MP 92.4
US 60: US60 @ US127
I-71: I-71 SB @ KY562
Morgantown: Morgantown Rd @ Campbell Ln
I-264: I-264 @ Bells Ln.
I-75: I-75 @ Winchester Road
I-265: I-265 @ I-64
I-65: I-65 @ Outer Loop
I-64: I64 MP 63 @ Woodford Co
I-64: I-64 W. of I-265
I-71: I-71/I-75 @ Turfway Rd
I-71: I-71 @ I-265
I-71: I-71/I-75 @ 12th St. in Covington
I-75: I-75 @ I-71 Split
I-64: I-64 E. of Cochran Hill Tunnel
I-275: I-275 @ KY 20
I-65: I-65 MP 82.8
I-264: I-264 @ Taylorsville Road
Downtown: Downtown Louisville @ 2nd & Broadway
I-71: I-71/I-75 @ Dixie Highway
I-71: I-71/I-75 @ I-275
I-265: I-265 @ Bardstown Road
I-75: I-75 @ Man O War Blvd
I-71: I-71/I-75 @ Donaldson Rd.
I-264: I-264 @ Brownsboro Road
I-264: I-264 West of Dixie, East of Crums Ln
I-275: I-275 @ KY 16 (Taylor Mill)
I-71: I-71 N. of I-264
I-65: I-65 MP 36
Downtown: Downtown Louisville @ 9th & Market
I-64: I-64 @ 3rd St. Exit
I-65: I-65 @ Eastern Ave. Ind. Exit 2 Indiana
I-64: I-64 @ English Station Rd.
I-65: I-65 adj. Fairground Rd.
US 41A: US 41A @ Gate 4 Entrance
I-65: I-65 MP 89.2
I-71: I-71 North of I-265
I-264: I-264 @ Newburg Rd.
I-64: I-64 @ Jeff./Shelby Co. Line
I-264: I-264 @ Taylor Blvd.
I-275: I-275 @ Mineola Pike
I-75: I-75 @ I-64 Northern Split
I-275: I-275 between KY 20 and KY 237
I-64: I-64 @ Frazier Museum
I-75: I75 SB @ MP 90
I-75: I-75 @ MP 36
I-264: I-264 @ Shelbyville Road
I-265: I-265 @ Shelbyville Road
I-65: I-65 MP 17
I-71: I-71 @ Frankfort Ave
I-275: I-275 @ I-471
US 68: US68 @ Russellville Rd and Campbells Ln
US 41A: US 41A @ State Line Road
I-24: I-24 MP 7 @ US62
I-64: I-64 @ Echo Trail
I-65: I-65 @ Fern Valley Rd.
I-64: I-64 @ Breckenridge Ln.
I-71: I-71/I-75 @ Mt. Zion Rd
Downtown: Downtown Louisville @ Brook & Broadway
I-264: I-264 @ Poplar Level
I-75: I-75 NB @ Clays Ferry Bridge
I-264: I-264 @ River Park Dr.
US 41A: US 41A Gate 7 for DMS Sign Camera
I-65: I-65 @ SR 60 Exit 7 Indiana
I-71: I-71/I-75 Lower Deck (NB) of Brent Spence Bridge
I-65: I-65 MP 107
I-75: I-75 @ Southern Split
Bluegrass Parkway: Bluegrass Parkway MP 18.5
I-65: I-65 over E. M. Ali Blvd.
I-65: I65 @ MP 2
I-71: I-71/I-75 @ Burlington Pike
Mountain Parkway: MT Parkway MP 36
I-71: I-71 @ Indian Hills Ave.
I-264: I-264 @ Dixie Hwy.
I-265: I-265 @ Taylorsville Road
I-65: I-65 @ I-264
US 41A: US41A @ KY911
US 41A: Us 41A Gate 7 Fort Campbell Entrance
KY 446: KY 446 @ US 31W
I-265: I-265 @ Westport Road
Scottsville: Scottsville Rd @ Lovers Ln
I-71: I-71/I-75 @ U.S. 42
I-471: I-471 @ Grand Ave.
I-265: I-265 @ LaGrange Road
I-64: I-64 WB @ MP 97
I-264: I-264 @ Virginia Ave./Dumesnil St.
I-24: I-24 MP 7.5 @ US 45
I-64: I-64 @ I-264
I-64: I-64 @ Hurstbourne Ln.
I-75: I-75 @ MP 23
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