KY Transportation Cabinet
Explanation of Road Condition Terms

Disclaimer: These definitions are intended to provide information regarding the status of the roads during or after winter storms. Please remember that road conditions may change rapidly, and the status of current conditions is not always readily available. It is always important to be prepared to exercise caution while driving during the winter months. Please plan ahead.

Difficult:  The roadway is completely covered with precipitation. Accumulation is to the point that the roadway markings are completely obscured, making it difficult to differentiate between the roadway and its surroundings. These conditions make travel very difficult.

Hazardous:  Some weather conditions can be severe enough that roadway treatments, such as salt or sand, will not work. Emergency vehicles and snow removal equipment may be called off of the roadway due to the conditions. Motorists are urged not to travel. While not a full Closure, it could quickly change to Closed. This condition could also warrant Travel Not Advised. Travel Not Advised must be authorized by a State Patrol Supervisor or a DOT District Engineer or higher.

Traffic data availability and colors

Availability: Where traffic data is available, Google Maps can help you identify which route to choose and how much time your trip might take based on current traffic conditions. To do this, live and historic data is refreshed regularly to provide you with accurate and timely estimates. Traffic data is available in more than 600 areas in over 50 countries.

Color meanings: The colors indicate the speed of traffic on the road compared to free-flowing conditions. For highways, green means there is a normal speed of traffic. The more red the roads become, the slower the speed of traffic on the road. Gray indicates there is no data available.