WEBSITE HELP — The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Traveler Information Website is provided to help motorists make better decisions about travel in Kentucky. This website automatically adjusts to accommodate your screen dimensions, but typically is best viewed at a resolution of 1024 x 768. The site is optimized for Firefox and Internet Explorer (versions 8, 9, and 10) browsers.

Website Help Home Page 511 Home Page: This page allows access to a variety of reports and information, and has been designed to work best on a high-speed Internet connection. If you do not have a high speed connection to the Internet, you may want to click on the "Streamlined" version in the menu at the top of the page ( to speed your search for travel-related information.

On the left hand side of this page, a legend with checkboxes allows the selection of various types of information. When selections are checked or unchecked, symbols appear or disappear on the map to reveal the locations of the selected types of events or devices.

Clicking on map icons opens a text bubble with additional detail about the event, or displays a camera's image. You may also notice as you reorient the map that event icons appear in two different sizes. Icon size indicates the importance or priority level of events — larger icons represent higher-priority events, and smaller icons showing lower-priority events. Priority levels are intended to reflect the degree to which an event impacts traffic.

A scrolling banner appears across the top of the screen when high-priority road closures or blockages exist. If an AMBER Alert has been issued, this banner will also include limited information about the alert. From the AMBER Alert banner, a link is provided to a screen with more detailed information about the AMBER Alert.

Pan and Zoom: The Google-based map allows pan and zoom functions to better view specific regions, highways or events. Simply click on the pan and zoom buttons provided in the upper left of the Google map to adjust the view to your preference. You can also click and drag anywhere on the map to pan the map to a new location.

Users can also access several predefined views of regions within Kentucky from a drop down menu near the top left of the map, titled "Select Map". Pressing the "Go" button will cause the map to reset the zoom level and re-center the map on the selected predefined area.

Users can also access several predefined views of regions within Kentucky from a drop down menu near the top of the page titled "Select Map". Pressing the "Go" button will cause the map to reset the zoom level and re-center the map, appropriate for the selected predefined area.

A red "Refresh" button will appear in the upper right corner of the map in the event that you have had the page open for a period of time without changing other settings. Pressing this button when it is offered will ensure that the event information is up to date and any new reports are displayed.

Website Help Refresh Button Route Reports/Map View: In the upper left of the map page is a gray button labeled "Show List Views".

Website Help List ViewClicking this button changes the screen to display three tabs (My Reports, Road Reports, and Cameras), allowing you to select specific highways on which to see lists of events or traffic cameras, or to enter your own personalized origin and destination points.

A highway can be selected either by picking it from a list, or by searching for the specific highway number. Choosing a highway opens a list of all the events or devices along that highway.

Website Help Road ReportsIf you've entered your own custom route using the "My Reports" tab, you’ll see all the events located between points A and B. If you have a My Reports account, you can also save and receive text and/or email alerts about events happening on your routes. (For more details on My Reports, please go to:

All active events on a personalized or predefined route are shown both in the list of event descriptions on the left, and as icons on the map on the right. Icons for events on other nearby highways are also visible on the map.

Clicking the "Hide List Views" button will take you back to the main map view.

National Weather Service Alerts & Winter Activity Reports KYTC has recently added two new types of information to their 511 map page in advance of the 2013-14 winter season. A new "Weather" layer has been added to display active National Weather Service (NWS) storm warnings. These events are displayed on the map by a square gray and yellow "thunderbolt" icon on top of a purple/gray shaded area, which indicates the alert's boundaries.

Website Help Road ReportsIf you click on one of the weather icons on the map, a text box will open, displaying all counties affected by the Warning. There is also a link to the report’s full details on the NWS website.

The following Warning types are displayed on the 511 site: Blizzard Warning, Flash Flood Warning , Hurricane Force Wind Warning, Ice Storm Warning, Heavy Sleet Warning , High Wind Warning, Severe Thunderstorm Warning ,Tornado Warning, Winter Storm Warning, Gale Warning, Hurricane Warning, Tropical Storm Warning , Inland Hurricane Warning, Inland Tropical Storm Warning

Winter Activities "Winter Activities" are the services provided by KTYC road maintenance personnel in advance of and during winter storms. These activities include being on standby, patrolling, pre-treating, spot-treating, treating, and treating and plowing. To simplify these different types of activities, they are categorized in two ways on the 511 site: "preparing" or "responding" to winter conditions.

Website Help Road ReportsActivities are categorized as follows:

Preparing for winter conditions (light aqua map shading):

Responding to winter conditions (darker teal map shading):

For more detailed information on snow and ice treatment activities, please visit